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About Us

The Way It Should Be

I founded Basket Budz® with one goal in mind: providing a solution to save hard earnt gorgeous-looking hanging baskets from being ruined by the weather.  I love gardening and am particularly proud of my hanging baskets, there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than seeing a full-color display of glorious flowers decorate my garden. Unfortunately, our summers are not always hot and hazy! The great British weather as we all know isn't always great, it can be beautiful one minute, and feel like the onset of winter the next. Heavy rain, strong winds, and a spell of prolonged downpours can be ruinous to blooms. Once admired displays turn into an unrecognisable colourless mess with now soggy wilting geraniums, broken begonias, and trailing lobelia looking like a rotten bunch of weeds. It is heart-wrenching after all the loving care, and time and effort spent (not to mention expense) to see once beautiful baskets and pots ruined so quickly. A once picture-perfect display no more. 
I tried everything I could think of to protect my baskets and pots. I bought garden protection bag covers that were supposed to be specifically to protect plants but found these were paper-thin, way too small, had little protection, and didn't last much more than twice. I used umbrellas, and not just on my hanging baskets but on my pots as well which ended up blowing away, and even cut up bin liners and pegged them together, the wind swiftly pulling them apart!
I knew what I needed but couldn't find the solution anywhere and so came up with my own idea of Basket Budz®. Here it is! A multi-purpose protector for hanging baskets, pots, shrubs, and plants, an incubator for your seedlings, and a handy garden leaf bag too.

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